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Tracy's Famous Beet Juice

Made from scratch beet juice with added ingredients for the brain. Try it for blood pressure. Try it for energy. Try it for libido.

Tracys Famous Beet Juice Drink

6 peeled beet roots
1 full size carrot
2 apples - I used Fuji
1 lemon
1 orange
2” piece of ginger root
2” piece of ginseng (optional)

Tracy's Famous Beet Juice

JUICE: Juice beets, carrot, fruit.

BLEND: Add ginger root and ginseng root in high power BLENDER (I use a Ninja) with half cup of filtered water. Strain until smooth. (If Omitting Ginseng, still use half cup of water).

Mix the juiced items and the blended items together.

This made enough for one wide mouth quart size mason jar and a pint size mason jar.

Wear gloves! Beets can stain your hands.

Adjust vegetables/fruits until desired flavor. I drink 8 ounces once daily.