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A Heart Scan Could Save Your Life

People die unexpectedly from heart attacks that could have been avoided with a heart scan.

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It happens all too frequently, sometimes to someone you love, an unexpected death due to heart attack. Many times the person had no idea they had heart disease.

In many of these cases a CT scan of the heart could have detected heart disease and allowed that person to seek medical attention to address the issue. So why is it that so few have this scan done?

Well, first and foremost, insurance doesn't pay for it in most cases. So unless you go to a special doctor, like a concierge doctor, many people won't ever be given the option of having one done. Concierge doctors aren't tied up in the insurance bureaucracy and think "outside the box" when it comes to a patient's health.

When we have a patient who needs a heart scan we order it and the patient pays $400 cash. That's it. In an insurance-based practice, the doctor usually will stay within the confines of what insurance pays for, and what the Medial Establishment recommends. If you search the guidelines of influential medical groups like the AMA, the United States Preventative Services Task Force, the American College of Physicians, or the American Academy of Family Physicians you will find no mention of a screening Coronary CT Angiogram—the simple, affordable scan that could save your life.

So if you or your loved one wants to know more about how to prevent health problems—not just take meds—then seek out an independent medical doctor who has YOUR best interest in mind.

The scan itself takes less than 15 minutes, costs less than a weekend trip, and could save your life.

Doctor Tommy and Dr. Radley Griffin discuss the benefits of a Screening Coronary CT Angiogram