Dr. Tommy

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The Myth of Government Competence

One of the biggest dangers we face today is the belief in the competency of the United States Federal Government.

Federal Budget Projections

While we discuss tax cuts this holiday season keep in mind that the people who are going to decide just how much your income you deserve to keep have collectively given us the following (list abbreviated greatly):

1. $20 trillion National Debt
2. $90 trillion total Real Debt Including Unfunded Liabilities (est.)
3. Record High Health Insurance Premiums
4. 17 Years of War and Counting
5. 14.5% Poverty Rate Despite $22 trillion in War on Poverty Spending

I could go on, but you get the idea. Now we get to the specifics of how we are continuing to look to government for ‘solutions’ to ‘healthcare’ which to me is about as smart as looking to a pack of wolves for ideas about sheep preservation. You see the government, whether intentionally or not, has only hampered the medicine and health insurance industries since venturing into the arena circa 1942.

The federal government cannot do anything to improve healthcare in our lifetimes. It must be made to retreat to its constitutional limitations as espoused in the US Constitution. Only then can individual states decide what is the best course of action, if any, the government should take to ‘fix healthcare.’


For doctors in private practice, the federal government controlled medical care system is as follows:

  • Create numerous hurdles (in both govt and private insurance)
  • Employ people to jump hurdles on one side
  • Employ people to move hurdles on the other side
  • Employ people to manage hurdlers and hurdle movers
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • Then you call those 'healthcare jobs' and then lobby Congress for more funding for hurdles

Physicians and patients should make their opinons known to local healthcare leaders and politicians. Waiting around for Congress to fix things is not an option. The best they can do is to repeal the ACA and make the states accountable to their citizens.