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Man Cold - Coping with a Cruel Disease

What lasts for seven days, is immune to antibiotics, and is the leading cause of morbidity in males this holiday season?

Man Cold

If you said, the Man Cold, you would be correct. Man Cold is technically caused by the same viruses that cause the common cold, but there is nothing ‘common’ about this debilitating disease that experts say effects men differently.

Although relatively new to the medical lexicon, the Man Cold is thought to have been around since at least Ancient Rome. There is evidence that public bathhouses were used as giant public treatment areas to help men who were suffering from congestion and cough caused by the disease. Think of it as a giant humidifier room. This communal arrangement also allowed the men to share their stories which aided in their recovery together.

Bath House Aachen_Kaiserbad_1682

Man Cold symptoms include cough, extreme fatigue, congestion, sore throat, and headache. Left untreated it may linger for 7-10 days. With treatment, symptoms typically last for 1 week or more. Although temperatures up to 101° have been reported, Man Cold fevers typically do not require treatment with acetaminophen. Treatment for Man Cold includes OTC cold medicine, soup, rest, and occasionally a steroid dose pack or medicated cough syrup.

Caregivers for those suffering from Man Cold report exhaustion, stress, and lack of empathy as major concerns as they struggle to help their loved ones. Experts suggest that those suffering from ‘caregiver burnout’ should arrange for temporary recovery arrangements for the Man Cold patient such as sleeping in another room, or potentially another building. Also helpful is a trip to the doctor to rule out more serious conditions, although there are few conditions that are worse. Ironically antibiotics do little to affect Man Cold, although this is in dispute amongst the Man Cold sufferers we spoke with.

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