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Does Keto Really Work?

Does the Keto Diet Really Work?
The “Keto Diet” that seems to be all the rage is one of the most controversial diets out there. This is largely due to its non-conformity to the medical establishment’s teachings that high fat diets are bad and low carb diets are not good. You see we are supposed to eat plant-based, low fat diets, with only oily fish to get good cholesterol levels.

But does Keto work? The answer is yes. For weight loss and improving the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood I have found the diet to be highly effective. Here are my most recent laboratory results:

Meat Heals

For those of you who aren’t aware, the LDL above is called ‘bad cholesterol’ and the triglycerides are fat in the blood. In the past only when I was taking a statin was my LDL this low. Also my triglycerides have never been over 100 when on the keto diet.

In the past I have had triglycerides levels upward of 1000 when eating a high carb diet. Likewise my LDL was usually past 160. As you can see, at least for this male patient in his 40s, the high fat, low carb Keto style diet is highly effective.

And what about weight? In the past 6 weeks I have gone from 240 lbs to a low of 224 lbs, and back up a little to 227 currently. Not too shabby considering I have been eating mostly meat the past 6 weeks, and the fattier the better.

Of course, YOU should talk to your doctor about any diet changes. It would be interesting to see what he or she has to say.