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Meaningful Use?

How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers (http://nyti.ms/1NdiQIV) reveals to the general public what many doctors and teachers have believed all along. That is, government mandated measurements don’d add up to a hill of beans. In fact, just recently the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that the whole ‘Meaningful Use’ shenanigan has been a dismal failure and will soon be deep-sixed (http://news.doximity.com/entries/2574594).
It’s rare that government officials admit to failure. It would be like children admitting to eating cookies before dinner or thieves admitting to burglarizing homes. Never fear, CMS has ‘something better’ at the ready to take the place of Meaningful Use.

Meanwhile the reality remains, national government officials are unlikely to improve your medical care or your child’s education, no matter how much they legislate. But there is hope. Concierge Medicine practices that operate outside the Rube Goldberg machinations of insurance medicine are leading the way in medical practice innovation. Public school teachers should break from central planners in faraway DC so they can innovate in education, at home.