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GOP: Preserve Big Government Healthcare

Our friends at Concierge Medicine Today shared a story today from the Times Free Press about the ongoing struggle in the Senate to pass healthcare reform legislation.


In the article and accompanying video Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker responds to a couple of Obamacare advocates, by stating the following:

"There is no attempt to do away with the pre-existing condition issue (in place under the Affordable Care Act)," he said. "There is an attempt right now to build up the subsidy level so that people who are lower income can actually purchase health care."

So that basically sums how much of fight the GOP is willing to put forth for real market reform of healthcare payment system. Rather than offer explanations as to why a free market solution would provide better quality care at lower prices, Mr. Corker retreats to the safe zone of ‘we are going to do more for the poor by giving them things’ rather than address the real problems with healthcare and insurance in America.

A much smarter plan is put forth by Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. Of note, Sen. Paul is not a Senator in good standing with the Establishment.

‘Replace with it freedom, replace with it choice, competition…’
-Senator Rand Paul