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Bodyweight training may be what you're looking for.
A problem with any long-term relationship is boredom. Whether it’s your job, your boyfriend, or even your exercise program; getting bored can prematurely end what might have been a fruitful relationship. Don’t get me wrong, boredom is not in and of itself bad; it can be a powerful motivator. Say you’re a chemistry teacher who is frustrated by low pay and the indifference of your students; boredom may lead you to start a successful chemical manufacturing enterprise. Or your're a bright young doctor lost in the bureaucracy of a large corporate health group. Boredom may lead you to start an integrated health and wellness center that offers innovative services: Skype, e-mail, home visits, concierge medicine.

Boredom in exercise can be addressed several different ways. One way is to distract yourself; listen to your iPod or mount a TV over your treadmill--you were so psyched that Murder She Wrote was on Netflix that you didn’t notice your ran 5 miles. Good job! But maybe Angela Lansbury doesn’t do it for you anymore, or Gonna Fly Now no longer compels you to pound the pavement like Rocky. It may be time to shake-up the exercise program itself.

At Echelon-Health one of the ways we train clients is with the TRX Pro Suspension Trainer. Suspension training can be done in a gym or in your home, and it is highly efficient. Done properly you can complete a full work-out in less than 30 minutes utilizing only your body weight. Just be careful, there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises. Being intense and being smart with your workout aren’t necessarily the same thing.

So if you’re bored with your exercise program, or exercise in general, use that as motivation for positive change. And if you’re bored with your life, then hey….