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Save money on prescriptions with a free app, GoodRx.
As you know, the costs of medication can be a major strain on the pocketbook. Many of my patients don't have drug coverage on their insurance plan (or don't have insurance period) but still need medications. Fortunately, I can manage most all of our patients' basic medical conditions with Publix (free antibiotics, lisinopril, and metformin) or Wal-Mart ($4 Drug Program).

However every now and then we need a drug that isn't as cheap; 2nd line antibiotics, non-generic medications, or less commonly prescribed medications like bromocriptine which treats pituitary adenoma. That's when I recommend an app called GoodRx. One of my patients used the GoodRx coupon for his medication and it knocked his 30 day prescription cost down from $174 to $55. Not bad for a free app.

Check it out here: http://www.goodrx.com/

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