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James Comey Cover-Up Exposed

There has been been a shocking media cover-up regarding former FBI director James Comey.

Although Mr. Comey was the head of the FBI under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and has recently been the subject of much media speculation regarding the 'memo' that was made available to the NYT by a former professor (see congressional testimony from yesterday), one important detail about Mr. Comey has not been reported.

FBI Giant

Until now it was not common knowledge that Mr. Comey is in fact, very nearly a giant. Standing at 6'8", it is quite possible that the towering former FBI director could not only dunk a basketball through a regulation NBA hoop, but it is also likely that in his prime he would have been capable of posting up, and scoring at will, against any FBI director in history, especially J. Edgar Hoover.

Sources say that there has been an ongoing effort by the media to obscure Mr. Comey’s height by using special angles that downplay the extreme difference between Mr. Comey and others around him. Insiders in the Comey camp also report that Mr. Comey was known to be photographed sans footwear when standing behind podiums as to not accentuate his height. Ask Dr. Tommy staff has reached out to the former director’s representative to confirm this but we have received no response.

The fact that until now we have not known the true nature of his stature is proof that the deep state’s tentacles reach farther than any of us have even thought possible. This story is developing, stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

Update 6/11/17: Jonathan Ernst of
Newsweek is reporting that Mr. Comey can in fact dunk a basketball. (H/T Breitbart).

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