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Music Giant Brian Wilson

Co-founder of The Beach Boys Brian Wilson is on the short list of great American songwriters.

Brian Wilson

As producer, arranger, composer, and lyricist for the Beach Boys, Wilson is responsible many of the most popular songs of the 60s.

Acclaimed as a musical genius after the Pet Sounds release in ’66, the career of Wilson soon began a period of ups and downs which included bouts with mental illness, drug abuse, and reclusive behavior. Yet unlike many artists who succumb to the same eccentricities that allow them to be exceptional, Wilson rebounded.

Throughout the 60s, and sporatically in the 70s, he produced music for The Beach Boys while they toured with a bass player named Bruce Johnston in his stead. He released an acclaimed solo album Imagination in 1998 and in 2012 he rejoined the group he helped found for a 50th anniversary tour followed by a solo tour of Pet Sounds, his masterpiece.