Concierge Medicine Tampa Bay

Before Echelon-Health was a concierge medicine practice, Dr. Tommy and Nurse Tracy worked together at USF Health here in Tampa, Florida. Tracy worked as a nurse in private practice pediatrics and later in multiple specialties at USF when they met in 2011. Tommy was a resident and fellow in the USF-Morton Plant Mease training programs. In 2010, he joined the USF working in both Family Medicine and Orthopedics.

In 2012 when Tommy left USF to start Echelon-Health he asked Tracy to join him. They had worked together at the main campus and later in the USF Wesley Chapel location—before Wesley Chapel was really "a thing."

In January of 2013, Echelon-Health opened its doors in Wesley Chapel. As the practice grew, so did the need for a more centralized location in Tampa, so with trailer in tow, Tommy and Tracy moved the office to its current location in Lutz in December of 2017. Location wasn't the only thing that changed in 2017. In March of that year, Tommy and Tracy were married.

Fast forward 5 years and the practice is still growing both in number of members and in services provided. One thing that hasn't changed is their dedication to serving patients to the best of their abilities and helping each patient reach their full health potential.
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    Young doctor at work.

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    Kaylei interacting with a "pay phone" from last century.

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    Christmas Picture 2020

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    Snowcat Ridge 2022

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    Christmas Tree Farm

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    Cutting down a Christmas tree.

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    Atop the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, built in 1672.

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    Cowboy steak birthday dinner prepared by chef Tracy.

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    Waving to the Southernmost Point webcam in Key West