What to Do When the Doctor Doesn't Call Back

How many times have you called the doctor, left a message, and been lost in the shuffle?

Or better yet, your results were posted to a fancy patient portal somewhere and nobody called you at all.

myHealth Telemedicine and Second Opinion

Thanks to our myHealth Telemedicine and Second Opinion service, I was able to assuage a patient’s concerns with a simple CT review, a translation of some scary sounding medical terms, and some simple guidance. That’s what doctors used to do, when they had time to see patients AND answer questions.

Of course that is why I practice concierge medicine, old-fashioned medicine with a modern touch (like email and text messages). I am proud to shrug off the bureaucracy of a chaotic, idiotic system of codes, authorizations, and excuses for one that puts patients first at Echelon-Health.