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Where’s the Bill?

Tommy McElroy, MD

Dr. Rand Paul, GOP Senator from Kentucky, has long been an advocate of repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Exclusive Rand Paul: Repeal Now, Replace Now!

Here’s an excerpt from Sen. Paul’s article:

Each day, more stories appear about when to repeal, when and how to replace, and every day it seems some in my party lose their nerve.Let me be as clear as I possibly can: The time is NOW.We must keep our promises and FULLY repeal Obamacare, every bit of it. We must also at the same time offer to the American people our plan for healthcare going forward, and it must take us away from government control and toward a free market.Big Government approaches are wrong, whether they are offered by Democrats and Republicans. We must move in another direction.

He is right, the time is long since passed to 'legalize' the sale of affordable insurance plans. Enough is enough. Patients have suffered both financially and physically from the efforts of central planners to force a top-down, centralized, inefficient one-size-fits-all solution on the states. Let the states decide whether they want an expansive government program or not, just like Colorado recently did.

Also progressives in California have been making waves about secession over things like healthcare, the environment, taxes, and other disagreements with the federal government. The website, YesCalifornia.org gives compelling reasons why they should be allowed to leave the union and form a new nation-state.

So while I personally don’t have a beef with California leaving the union, many are concerned. I say live and let live like Dr. Walter E. Williams in his column Parting Company.

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Dr. Tommy McElroy is a concierge medicine physician in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He is the founder of Echelon-Health.

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