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Top 5 Reasons You Should Do Your Own Podcast
Tommy McElroy, MD
5. You have something to say.
Whatever your passion is, if its interesting to anyone, you should do a podcast about it. Why? Because if you’re interested in the subject then there are others out there who are as well. Nobody wants to be alone, so if you’re the ‘Chicken Whisperer’ then do the podcast (it exists). Or if you’re really into fermented foods, tell the world! Worst case scenario, only your friends and family listen, but you may be surprised how big your audience may be.

4. You are tech savvy.
While not mandatory, it will certainly make podcasting easier if you know your way around a computer. If you are not tech savvy, find someone who is to help you. It’s not a deal-killer, but someone on the podcast team needs to know how to operate all those gadgets.

3. Social media is your friend.
Most podcasts are promoted on (free) social media. It helps to have a Facebook and Twitter account on the ready when you launch. YouTube is another powerful tool. Again, all of these are free to use, so make sure you have them mastered before launching because they will the basis for promoting your podcast.

2. You are ready to commit to regular broadcasting.
The most successful podcasts are produced weekly or daily. Industry education leader EOFire.com recommends 5 days/week podcast for optimal ROI. If you can’t commit to that, you should at least commit to doing it weekly. Otherwise you will have a hard time building an audience that cares about hearing what you have to say on a regular basis.

1. You feel compelled.
Whatever drives you to podcast, you should believe in it. Whether its organic foods, real estate trends, health benefits of yoga, or the appreciation of classical music, you must show an interest in your subject that is real. Your audience can hear when you’re faking it, and will tune out immediately if you try and ‘mail it in.’

Dr. Tommy McElroy is a concierge medicine physician in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Follow him on AskDrTommy.com and on Twitter @tampadirectcare

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