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Executive Health Physicals: Why I Don't Do Them
Tommy McElroy, MD
I USED TO DO EXECUTIVE HEALTH PHYSICALS WHEN I WAS EMPLOYED BY A MULTI-SPECIALTY GROUP. Now that I have my own practice we don’t do them. There are a few reasons why. One, I don’t have onsite radiology to do an abdominal ultrasound or chest x-ray. I also don’t have an ophthalmologist or cardiologist around the corner waiting to examine my patient. Otherwise, we conduct an in-depth physical and get to know the patient very well. In my experience, the extra 'testing' that is done is not necessary and can actually add unproductive time to an already busy visit.

New patients in our practice are scheduled for a 2 hour block in which we mostly talk about their medical history, family history, their job, their family, basically get to know them on a personal level. Then we do a physical. I do a full musculoskeletal exam and medical exam. Prior to seeing them, my clinic coordinator has arranged to have all of their labs and medical records available for review, so there is no wasted time.

So while there is no ‘executive physical’ available at Echelon-Health we do provide executive-level medical care for one yearly fee for all our patients—whether they are executives or not. Since we have a whole year to take care of our patients, we don’t have to do X-rays, stress tests, labs, and physical exams all in one day. I like it better this way, and I think our patients do too.

Dr. Tommy McElroy is a concierge medicine physician in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Follow him on AskDrTommy.com and on Twitter @tampadirectcare

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