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Tommy McElroy, MD
ONE OF THE CORNERSTONES OF GOOD HEALTH IS THE ANNUAL PHYSICAL. At Echelon-Health our annual ‘check-up’ lasts about 2 hours. Here’s what we do:

- Review past medical records
- Review labs
- Order new labs
+ Hormone panels
+ Vitamin assays
+ Allergy testing
- Order new diagnostic tests
+ Cardiac
+ Pulmonary
+ Gastrointestinal

Discussion - 60-90 minutes - Takes place in the office with video monitor
- Review goals
- Discuss results
- Review data
+ Labs
+ Diagnostic tests

Physical exam - 30 minutes - Takes place in our exam room
- Vital signs
- Body measurements if applicable
- Complete head to toe exam
- EKG if needed
- Additional treatment if needed
+ Skin procedures
+ Orthopedic procedures
+ Hormone or vitamin supplement

Assessment and Plan
- Discussion of findings
- Set goals
+ Short term
+ Long term
- Order new labs or tests if needed
- Prescribe medications if needed
- Order supplements and vitamins if needed
- Arrange follow-up
- Visit summary and action plan provided

If you are not getting an annual physical, I highly recommend it. Your health is your most important asset, protect it!

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Dr. Tommy McElroy is a concierge medicine physician in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He is the founder of Echelon-Health.

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