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How Concierge Medicine Helps Business Owners

Tommy McElroy, MD
One of the questions I get most often is 'What exactly is concierge medicine?' And the answer is really this, we provide all-inclusive (primary) medical care directly to patients for a membership fee. But sometimes it's easier to give an example, so here's a few common ones.

Scenario 1.
Imagine you've scheduled your yearly physical and you scheduled it around your lunchtime so you can get back to the office and work on the upcoming project. You arrive on time for your appointment, but instead of being seen then, you wait for an hour, get coughed on the whole time you're waiting, and see the doctor for 7 minutes. The doctor then tells you some rote line about diet, exercise, and stress reduction, and then back to the office you go destined to stay late to make up for lost time.
With concierge medicine, that hassle goes away. You schedule an appointment that is convenient for you, you are seen right on time, and you are given ample opportunity to ask questions while the doctor talks to you about your job, your health, your upcoming vacation, and gives you some tips on staying healthy--and a bottle of pharmaceutical grade vitamin D because the doctor found a possible reason for your new onset fatigue.

Scenario 2.
Your key employee has called in again because her child is sick. You know it's important for the employee to take time to care for her child, you just wish it could be done more efficiently. After all, this is the 3rd doctor the child has seen for the same problem in 2 weeks.
Concierge medicine solution. Your employee takes her child to the doctor who evaluates the patient, prescribes a medication, and says 'text me or call if Kaylei is not getting better.' Turns out the medication caused a rash, which was texted to the doctor, who texted back and said, 'Looks like we have a penicillin allergy, let's try something else,' calls in a new script, and the problem is solved.

Concierge medicine makes sense for business owners and their employees in many ways. Our Concierge Medicine program for business,
BusinessRx, is a great option for businesses with high-deductible insurance, or no insurance. Contact us today to learn more about what we do. We are always are happy to take 20-30 minutes to meet with business owners and administrators to discuss how concierge medicine for business helps keeps the company and employees healthy.

Dr. Tommy McElroy is a concierge medicine physician in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Follow him on and on Twitter @tampadirectcare

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